UPSC Online quiz Polity #4

UPSC prelims online quiz


#1 When the Lok Sabha is Dissolved: 1. A bill passed by Lok Sabha pending in Rajya Sabha does not lapse. 2. A bill pending in Rajya Sabha & not passed by Lok Sabha does not lapse.

#2 A minister who is not a member of either house (Note: A person can remain a minister for six months, without being a member of either house of parliament):

#3 Consider the following statements with regard to Calling Attention motion and Zero Hour: 1. Both are Indian innovation in the parliamentary procedure. 2. Both are not mentioned in the rules of procedure. 3. Only Zero hour is Indian innovation. 4. Only Zero Hour is not mentioned in the rules of procedure. The correct statements is/are:

#4 Which of the following motion/s if passed leads to the defeat of the government: 1. Censure Motion. 2. Cut Motion.

#5 The decision whether a bill is money bill or not is decided by the speaker, this decision cannot be questioned by: 1. Any court of law. 2. Lok Sabha. 3. President of India.