UPSC Online quiz Polity #7

UPSC prelims online quiz


#1 Correct statements with regard to Panchayati Raj Institutions are: 1. The people directly elect all members of Panchayat at the village, intermediate and district levels. 2. Governor can remove the State Election Commissioner on the recommendation of the State Legislature. 3. The 73rd Amendment act of 1992 (PRI Act) is applicable to all states except J&K.

#2 Corrects statement/s with regard to UTs is/are: 1. The parliament can make laws on any subject of three lists for the UT except Delhi and Puducherry. 2. The Lt. Governor of Delhi is not empowered to promulgate ordinances.

#3 Corrects statement/s with regard to Election Commission is/are: 1. The constitution debars the retiring election commissioners from any further appointment by the government. 2. The election commission is not concerned with the elections to state legislatures, for this the constitution provides for a separate state election commission.

#4 Which of the following statement/s is/are correct with regard to Joint State Public Service Commission (JSPSC): 1. President can provide for a JSPSC on the request of the state legislatures concerned. 2. JSPSC will be considered as a constitutional body with all the powers of a SPSC.

#5 Which of the following are quasi judicial bodies: 1. Finance Commission. 2. Central Vigilance Commission 3. National Human Rights Commission. 4. Central Information Commission. 5. Competition Commission of India. 6. Union Public Service Commission. 7. National Commission for SCs.