UPSC Online Quiz Geography #2

UPSC prelims online quiz


#1 With regard to the Western Himalayas and the Eastern Himalayas, consider the following 1. The ranges of the Eastern Himalayas are more continuous compared to Western Himalayas 2. The Western Himalayas receive most of the precipitation in the winter months and the Eastern Himalayas in the summer months 3. Eastern Himalayas are much greener and dense compared to Western Himalayas Choose the correct answer using the codes below.

#2 Consider the following statements 1. The peninsular plateau is composed mainly of igneous and metamorphic rocks 2. The Garo, Khasi and Jaintia Hills form a part of peninsular block. 3. The peninsular plateau is the oldest and most stable landmass in India, devoid of earthquakes or volcanic activity. Choose the correct answer using the codes below

#3 Peninsular rivers in India are not flooded as much as the Himalayan rivers. The reasons can be? 1. India’s peninsular rivers have relatively steep gradients. 2. There is little variation in flow from the dry to wet seasons. 3. Most rivers do not form deltas. Choose the correct answer using the codes below.

#4 The Himalayan Mountains are tectonic in origin, dissected by fast-flowing rivers which are in their youthful stage. Which of the following features made by rivers can be seen there? 1. Gorges 2. V-shaped valleys 3. Rapids 4. Waterfall Choose the correct answer using the codes below.

#5 The Kashmir Himalayas are famous for Karewa formations, which are useful for the cultivation of