UPSC Online Quiz Geography #3

UPSC prelims online quiz


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#1 The Tarai region of the Northern plains supports luxurious growth of natural vegetation and varied wild life population. This is because:

#2 Consider the following statements about the Western and Eastern Ghats. 1. Western Ghats are comparatively higher in elevation than Eastern ghats. 2. Western Ghats are more continuous than the Eastern Ghats as the latter is eroded by several east flowing rivers. 3. The Eastern and the Western Ghats meet each other at the Nilgiri hills. Choose the correct answer using the codes below

#3 Consider the following statements with regard to Western coastal plain 1. The western coastal plains provides natural conditions for the development of ports and harbours 2. The rivers flowing through western coastal plains do not form any deltas

#4 Consider the following rivers 1. Krishna 2. Kaveri 3. Godavari 4. Penganga The correct sequence of these rivers when arranged from south to north is

#5 Assertion (A): The frequency of floods in North Indian plains has increased in recent times. Reason (R): There has been reduction in the depth of river valleys due to deposition of silt.

#6 Imagine you are travelling from New Delhi towards North. If you go vertically upwards towards Jammu and Kashmir, select the correct sequence in which you will cross these rivers