UPSC Online Quiz Geography #4

UPSC prelims online quiz


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#1 The frequency of the cyclones is lower in Arabian sea when compared to Bay of Bengal. This is because 1. Arabian sea surface temperature is higher compared to that of Bay of Bengal. 2. Bay of Bengal receives the remnants of the typhoons originated in Northwestern Pacific ocean. 3. Arabian sea receives the remnants of cyclones from Bay of Bengal. Choose the correct code from the following:

#2 Coal bed methane is released during coal mining and is generally recommended to extract it rather than letting it evaporate into the atmosphere when untapped because 1. CBM if is not extracted can cause fire hazards while mining deep areas. 2. CBM if allowed to escape into atmosphere, will get converted into carbon monoxide which is a potent green house gas. Which of the statements is/are the correct reason/s?

#3 Consider the following statements regarding biogas which is a very important source of energy in rural areas. 1. Biogas has a higher thermal efficiency compared to charcoal, cow dung, kerosene. 2. Not only biogas serves as a source of energy in the form of fuel but also can be used as source of manure for farm crops. 3. It is slightly less environment friendly as it releases green house gases when burnt as a fuel. Choose the incorrect code from the following

#4 Khadar soils are preferred over Bhangar soils for crop cultivation because 1. Khadar soil are composed of fine particles than that of Bhangar soil. 2. Bhangar soils lack in kankar nodules. Choose the correct reason from the codes below.

#5 Although laterite soils are formed in regions with high rainfall and high temperature, it requires good dosage of manures. What are the reasons? 1. Intense leaching because of high rainfall. 2. lack or less availability of humus. Choose the correct code from the following

#6 Left hand side is the region and right hand side is the major reason in that region for soil degradation. 1. Odisha, Jharkhand — deforestation and mining. 2. Rajasthan, Maharashtra — over irrigation. 3. Punjab, Haryana — overgrazing. Which are correctly matched?