Further process for Main Exam

#UKPSC main 2016. Process for those who have qualified Pre Exam.
Many students are confused about how to apply for Main Exam. This post attempts to provide solutions to most frequent queries:-
1. First of all visit ite of UKPSC after 05.05.2017 when they will publish detailed instructions for filling Main form. 
2. You have to fill main form and submit fee from 10.05.2017 to 25.05.2017. 
3. The print out of from and documents with it has to be submitted to the UKPSC by 30.05.2017.
4. Study hard.

Motivation for UKPSC

#UKPSC #motivation
After the last Main result, I have met many who have cleared Main Exam. I have observed that many of those who cleared have done despite so many difficulties. I have seen people from remote places, from Pithoragarh, Bageshwar, Chamoli and Uttarkashi. I have met ladies who were pregnant or having a child and a job at the time of writing Main/preparation. I have seen people who are over 40, but they have the passion to follow their dream. I have met young boys and girls who wish to do something for this state, driven by their observation of misery and difficulties of people of Uttarakhand.
Dear Aspirants, Please find what drives you. If you wish to bring a change(howsoever minute and incremental ) in Uttarakhand, this job is for you. It is not difficult to clear MAIN, 2O16. Main 2012 was cleared by many without preparation due to their UPSC preparation. This year number of competitors is very less, but competition would be fierce as everyone knows the kind of question that can be asked and areas to focus.
Please start preparation from today itself. Even those who cleared Main last time can’t be sure of clearing this year as new, young and dynamic aspirants are there this time. Don’t let the long process of exam break your spirit. Best of Luck.

History paper assessment and strategy

Assessment of #UKPSC Main Exam #strategy #history
The Last Main history papaer was very exhaustive and covered the whole syllabus including Ancient, Medieval and Modern History as well as Uttarakhand History. Due to 2 markers and 5 markers it is possible to score good in this paper if properly prepared. All the questions were cliche, earlier being asked in different exams(except questions related to Uttarakhand History). The strategy for History paper should be:-
1. Do read all the basic books for History covering Ancient, Modern and Medieval.
2. For Uttarakhand History choose topic wise from Ajay Rawat’s book(link provided on ther post.
3. Try to limit yourself to word limit in 2 markers and 5 markers although it may be difficult considering the questions’ nature. A lot of practice may be helpful.
4. Joining a test series would be helpful but new candidates can solve last year’s paper to get an idea and resolve their weaknesses.
5. Don’t take UK history lightly, although questions can be skipped in 8 and 16 markers, in 2 and 5 markers(where there is chance to get full marks) you would pay for this mistake dearly.

Book for Uttarakhand History

#UKPSC Main 2016 #history
Many people have difficulty finding sources for doing Uttarakhand History. We are providing link of an ebook for preparing Uttarakhand History. The Writer is Prof. Ajay Rawat. The book is in Hindi. A shorter version in English is being prepared by the team for revision at the time of Main Exam.

Assessment and Strategy for Hindi/language Paper

Assessment of UKPCS 2012 Main Exam. Paper1 #language and #Hindi
UKPSC conducted Main exam 2012 early last year and declared result in February, 2017. This series tries to analyse the exam pattern, difficulty level and strategy for each paper.
Language paper is the first paper in UKPCS Main exam and one of the most important. It has a threshold of 105 marks, scoring below which no candidate can qualify mains regardless of his score in other papers. Not only that it is also a scoring paper with direct questions asked which do not need much application of mind except in Essays and unseen passages. Last year’s Hindi paper was very long and candidates struggled to complete paper on time. The strategy for Hindi should focus on following points:-
1. Focus on Grammar and composition part which is easy and quicker to do.
2. Fix time limits for each question so as to complete paper on time. Those having slow writing may first focus on Essays.
3. Correct translation fetches good marks in relatively short exam time. Practice translation.
4. Trivial topics like Upsarg pratyay etc. are very common and even definitions are asked. Be prepared for simple questins.

Welcome Post

Welcome friends. All those who have cleared #ukpcs #ukpsc #Uttarakhand PCS 2016 Pre Exam are requested to be here. As we know the UKPCS Main 2016 starts from 01.09.2017. We have a few months to seriously prepare and keep ourselves in reckoning. I invite you all here to have discussion on syllabus, probable questions, mock tests, strategies, preparation issues and experiences. 
Please do not spam or post irrelevant issues.