Current Affairs summary 26 Aug

1. Govt plans to make compulsory for unlisted firms to issue shares in demat form

• The government will soon make it mandatory for unlisted companies to issue new shares only in the dematerialized form amid intensified efforts to fight the black money menace. Continue reading “Current Affairs summary 26 Aug”

Current Affairs summary 25 Aug

1. ₹ 46,000 crore worth approvals by Defence Acquisition Council

• Ahead of the upcoming 2+2 talks with the US, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) that met on Saturday, cleared the procurement of 24 Multi Role Helicopters for the Navy. In all, the DAC gave approvals for procurement deals worth approximately ₹46,000 crores. Continue reading “Current Affairs summary 25 Aug”

PIB summary 25 August

(1) Affordable Solar Power

• The panelists of Pravasi Bharatiya Panel on “Role of Indian Diaspora in Capacity Building for Affordable Solar Power” called on Prime Minister. Continue reading “PIB summary 25 August”

PIB summary 24 August

(1) TRIBES India

• The Airport Authority of India has allotted space at Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Kolkata airports for opening of Tribes India outlets. Continue reading “PIB summary 24 August”

Current Affairs summary 24 Aug

1. Kolkata best megacity, Delhi worst in commute pollution: CSE

• An analysis of 14 cities in India, including six mega cities and eight metropolises, on how they fare when it comes to pollution and energy consumption from urban commuting, places Kolkata as the top-performing megacity. Bhopal leads the list on the lowest overall emission. Delhi and Hydrabad are the two cities that fare at the bottom of the table in terms of pollution and energy use.

• The report titled ‘The Urban Commute and How it Contributes to Pollution and Energy’, compiled by the Centre for Science and Environment, was released. Continue reading “Current Affairs summary 24 Aug”

Current Affairs summary 23 Aug

1. WhatsApp rejects India’s demand to track origin of message

• WhatsApp has rejected India’s demands for a solution to track the origin of messages on its platform, saying building traceability would undermine end-to-end encryption and affect privacy protection for users. Continue reading “Current Affairs summary 23 Aug”

PIB summary 23 August

(1) 6th International Buddhist Conclave

• The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, inaugurated the 6thinternational Buddhist conclave in New Delhi. Continue reading “PIB summary 23 August”

UPSC Daily MCQs : 24.08.2018

Oracle IAS, the best coaching institute for UPSC/IAS/PCS preparation in Dehradun brings to you daily MCQs. Answers would be updated in the evening.


प्रश्न. निम्नलिखित मे से कौनसा भारतीय संविधान मे संशोधन की प्रक्रिया का आधार है?

(a) शक्तियों का पृथक्करण 

(b) संसदीय संप्रभुता
(c) सहकारी संघवाद
(d) सार्वभौमिक वयस्क मताधिकार

Continue reading “UPSC Daily MCQs : 24.08.2018”

Whatsapp (social media) and internal security #27


Mains Paper: 3 | Social Networking sites in internal security challenges

 'Whatsapp like services should be more proactive in dealing with fake news/rumor mongering in countries like India'. Comment.

Continue reading “Whatsapp (social media) and internal security #27”

PIB summary 22 August


• India’s own GPS is all set to be launched and will place it in the club of select countries which have their own indigenous navigation systems. Continue reading “PIB summary 22 August”