UPPCS Mains- Answer writing practice #27

UPPCS Mains- Answer writing practice

“Uniform civil code (UCC) is not a panacea for eradicating all social evils”. Critically analyze. (200 words)

समान नागरिक संहिता (यूसीसी) सभी सामाजिक बुराइयों को खत्म करने के लिए एकमात्र उपचार नहीं है आलोचनात्मक परीक्षण करें। (200 शब्द)

Model Answer

Answer– The UCC in India proposes to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each religious community in the country with a common set governing every citizen. It covers marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance.

Pros of UCC:

  1. To promote gender parity

 It is commonly observed that personal laws of almost all religions are discriminatory towards women. Men are usually granted preferential status in matters of succession and inheritance. UCC will bring both men and women at par.

  1. To accommodate the aspirations of the young population that is based on the principles of equality, humanity, and modernity and to utilize their full potential towards nation building.
  1. To support the national integration

With the implementation of UCC, all citizens will share the same set of personal laws and there will be no scope of politicization of issues of the discrimination or concessions or special privileges enjoyed by a particular community on the basis of their particular religious personal laws.

Cons of UCC:                         

  1. It is practically tough to come up with a common and uniform set of rules for personal issues like marriage due to tremendous cultural diversity India across the religions, sects, castes, etc.
  2. Many communities, particularly minority communities perceive UCC as an encroachment on their right to religious freedom and fear of majoritarianism. 
  1. Considering a major opposition from Muslim community in India over this issue overlapping with controversies over beef, saffronization of school and college curriculum, love jihad, and the silence from the top leadership on these controversies, there needs to be given sufficient time for instilling confidence in the community. Otherwise, these efforts will be counterproductive leaving minority class particularly Muslims more insecure and vulnerable to get attracted towards fundamentalist and extremist ideologies.


  • The codification and implementation of UCC may not necessarily usher in the expected equality among genders and religions. Major sensitization efforts are needed to reform current personal laws which should first be initiated by the communities themselves.

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