UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS-2 #2

The most important and most neglected part for Civil Services Preparation is answer writing. It is not about HOW MUCH YOU STUDY but CAN YOU WRITE within word limit and time frame. After UPPCS daily answer writing practice and  UKPCS DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE, ORACLE IAS comes out with new initiative UPSC DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE.

‘Indo-Japan relationship has evolved from just economic to having acquired deeper strategic meaning’. Analyse in context of rise of assertive China. (150 words)

Answer framework:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  • Economic cooperation
  • New area of cooperation with rise of China
3. Conclusion
  • What more could be done to improvise the relationship.

Model Answer

In the last decade, the strengthening of the India-Japan strategic partnership has been primarily driven by geopolitical considerations, in an era of competing regional visions and influence.

Economic cooperation:

  1. India is one of the largest recipient of Japanese official development assistance (ODA).
  2. Japan is investing in major infra projects like DMIC, western freight corridor, Mumbai-Ahemadabad bullet train etc.
  3. Japan is currently  India’s fourth largest source of foreign direct investment, including in startups. Softbank is one of the largest investors in Indian startups.

However, with the rise of assertive China, Japan and India are eager to develop their partnership as a balancing act vis-à-vis China and Japan plays an important role in the larger Act East policy of India:

  1. Both are a part Quadrilateral Security Dialogue along with Australia and USA.
  2. Exercise Malabar is a trilateral naval exercise involving the United States, Japan and India as permanent partners.
  3. With China’s belt and road initiative in mind, both are cooperating Asia Africa Growth Corridor project.
  4. India and Japan have signed the civilian nuclear energy deal.This is the first time that Japan signed such deal with a non-signatory of Non-Proliferation Treaty.


India nad japan both aspire to become permanent members of UNSC. There is more scope of engagement particularly in defence deals(eg US-2 amphibious aircraft), transfer of technology and people to people contact.

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Hemant Bhatt