UKPCS Answer writing practice History# 39

The most important and most neglected part for Civil Services Preparation is answer writing. It is not about HOW MUCH YOU STUDY but CAN YOU WRITE within word limit and time frame. After UPPCS daily answer writing practice, ORACLE IAS comes out with new initiative UKPCS DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE.

Depict the geographical boundary of Harappan culture. (20 words)
हड़प्पा सभ्यता की भौगोलिक सीमाएं दर्शाएं|
Evaluate the role of Ramanand in bhakti movement. (20 words)
रामानंद की भक्ति आंदोलन में भूमिका का मूल्यांकन करें|
Discuss the saptanga theory seven lamps of kautilya’s Arthashastra. (50 words)
कॉटिल्या अर्थशास्त्र के सप्तांग सिद्धांत की चर्चा करें|
Enumerate the causes of Santhal revolt. (50 words)
संथाल विद्रोह के कारण क्या थे|


  1. Ramananda was Vaishnava devotional poet and founder of founder of the Ramanandi Sampradaya. He was inspired by the south Indian Vedanta philosopher Ramanuja aswell as Nathpanthi. He also influenced Sikhism.



  1. Kautilya enumerated seven prakritis or essential organs of the state. They are:

(i) Swami (The Ruler)

(ii) Amatya (The Minister)

(iii) Janapada (The Population)

(iv) Durga (The Fortified Capital)

(v) Kosha (The Treasury)

(vi) Danda (The Army)

(vii) Mitra (Ally and Friend)


Kautilya’s Arthashastra of state envisages a rational approach to governance and state craft which conceptualizes the state and the office of the kingship to be human artifacts.


  1. The Santhals are a group of tribals largely concentrated in Bihar. The main causes for revolt were:


(1) The jamindars, the police, the revenue and court exercised a com­bined action of extortions.

(2) The representatives of jamindars (Karendais) in­flicted personal violence on the Santhals.

(3) The rich peasants trespassed on the land of the tenants. They took away their cattle.

(4) The moneylenders charged interest which was incredibly high. These moneylenders came to be known as diku.

(5) Forced labour  by European contractors.



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