UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS-2 #17

The most important and most neglected part for Civil Services Preparation is answer writing. It is not about HOW MUCH YOU STUDY but CAN YOU WRITE within word limit and time frame. After UPPCS daily answer writing practice and  UKPCS DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE, ORACLE IAS comes out with new initiative UPSC DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE.

‘The Institute of Eminence scheme aims at developing world-class institutions which would put India on the global education map’. Critically analyse the issues with higher education in India and discuss how far the institution of eminence policy will help in it. (250 words)

‘श्रेष्ठ संस्थान(Institute of Eminence)  योजना का लक्ष्य विश्व स्तरीय  संस्थानों को विकसित करना है, जो भारत को विश्व शैक्षिक मानचित्र पर ला सकें | ‘ भारत में उच्च शिक्षा संस्थानों की समस्याओं का आलोचनात्मक विश्लेषण करें और चर्चा करें कि यह नीति इस परिस्थिति में कितनी सहायक हो सकती है | (250)


Show the situation of Higher Education in India.


Discuss issues and IoE scheme


A way forward for Higher education.

Model Answer:-

According to All India Survey on Higher Education(AISHE survey) the Gross Enrollment Rate in India in higher education was 25.2. Out of this more than 80% of the graduates were unemployable (NASSCOM). There are only 119 researchers per million of the population as compared to US which has 4500. All this indicates certain issues regarding Higher education in India:-

  • Financing: Due to regulation of fees and dependency of institutes on UGC/Govt. grants, these are unable to recruit enough teachers(Nearly 35% of professor posts and 46% of assistant professor posts remain vacant), train them, pay them enough salary to attract talent and spend on infrastructure.
  • The Curriculum is outdated and there is no industry- academia linkage resulting in students excelling only in theoretical subjects.
  • The assessment system also promotes rote learning and unimaginative thinking.
  • There is very less focus on research. In India barely 0.4% of graduates finish the doctorate compared to 4% in US and 7% in Europe.

The Institutes of Eminence scheme attempts to remedy the situation by giving autonomy to selected institutions in :-

  • admitting 30% foreign students(with no cap on fee)
  • Recruiting foreign faculty(25%)
  • Offer online courses
  • Collaborate with world class universities
  • Determining the curriculum and syllabus

There would be both public and private institutions in this scheme(10 each) and selected public institutions would be provided financial assistance of Rs. 1000 crore over 5 years.

Institutions of Eminence aims to create institutions that are in top 100 rank globally, but there needs to be a sustained effort to improve the higher education in all the institutions. The proposed National Education Policy should include steps including increasing public spending on education to 6% of GDP, providing administrative and financial autonomy to institutions and convergence between Skill India and academic institutions.


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