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‘Revoking NFU does not necessarily mean given up restraint, but it leaves is India’s nuclear doctrine more ambiguous’. Critically analyse (150 words)

‘एनएफ़यू को निरस्त करने का मतलब यह नहीं है कि संयम छोड़ दिया जाए, बल्कि यह भारत के परमाणु सिद्धांत को और अधिक अस्पष्ट बना देता है।’

आलोचनात्मक विश्लेषण करें| (150 शब्द)




NFU and how it helped India


Pros and Cons of NFU policy


How to proceed and why.

Model Answer

India has a declared no first use policy for nuclear weapons but also maintains a credible minimum deterrence and massive second strike capability. It has helped us to project ourselves a responsible nuclear power, come into nuclear mainstream(admission to MTCR, Wassenar and Australia groups and waiver from NSG) and promoted stability in the neighbourhood.
Recently defence minister has announced rethinking of NFU policy due to changed strategic equations.

The pros are:-
• The resulting ambiguity would ensure there are no misadventures by any country.
• we shall have option of nuclear weapons even if there is a debilitating conventional, chemical, biological or cyber attack

Cons of revoking NFU:-
• May promote instability
• negatively impacts India’s campaign for admission into NSG.

Way Forward
China also has a declared NFU policy despite many conflicts with its neighbours, whereas Israel maintains ambiguity to deter any misadventure by its neighbours. Revoking NFU may sound right in the era of asymmetric, non linear fourth and fifth generation warfare, but due deliberation is required before we take any hasty decision.

UPSC Daily Answer writing practice

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