UPSC prelims online quiz Level 1 #29

UPSC prelims online quiz

Duration: 5 min




#1 Which one of the following Schedules to the Constitution of India provides for setting up of Autonomous District Councils?

#2 Provisions of which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India apply to the State of Jammu and kashimir?

#3 Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India deals with the special provision with respect to the State of Assam?

#4 Which of the following statements relating to the duties of the Governor is/are correct?(1)The duties of the Governor as a constitutional Head of the State do not become the subject matter of questions or debate in the Parliament.(2)Where the Governor takes a decision independently of his Council of Ministers or where he acts as the Chief Executive of the State under President’s rule, his actions are subject to scrutiny by the Parliament.Select the correct answer using the code given below.

#5 According to the French traveller Tavernier, the majority of houses in Varanasi during the 17th century were made of ?

#6 Who was the first Nawab Wazir of Awadh in the 18th century?

#7 The aristocrat Muqarrab khan was a great favourite of which Mughal Emperor?

#8 The important source for Akbar’s reign, Tarikh-i-Akbari was written by which one of the following Persian language scholars?

#9 The class of Amar Nayakas in Vijayanagara is a reference to which of the following?

#10 Who among the following European travellers never returned to Europe and settled down in India?


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