UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS- 3 #34

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‘Besides tech solutions, policy discussions involving the public can help fight fake news’. Comment. (150 words)

‘तकनीकी समाधानों के अलावा, जनता से जुड़े नीतिगत चर्चाओं से नकली समाचारों से लड़ने में मदद मिल सकती है।’ टिप्पणी करे|



Fake news and why it is bad


  • Tech solutions
  • How to involve people


Not necessary in 150 word questions.

Model Answer

Fake news, or incorrect news spread primarily using social media for political or pecuniary gains, has had a major impact and has led to so called ‘Post-truth society’, where sometimes ‘alternative facts’ dominate the narrative.

This has led to social tensions, lynchings, political manipulation and large scale riots. Various tech solutions for this have been discussed apart from use of human fact checkers by social media companies and concerned citizens:-

  • Restriction on sharing a message by WhatsApp.
  • Use of blockchain has been proposed and piloted by New York Times. It can make any content and its modifications traceable.
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning may eliminate some fake news, specially by helping people differentiate between parody/sarcasm and genuine news.

However, in the age of decentralised Social Media and internet anonymity, the fake content cannot be stopped only by govts and companies. People participation can be in many ways:-

  • By involving some of them as voluntary fact checkers
  • By encouraging people to report such content

The print media is regulated by the PCI. The broadcast media is self regulated (IBA). However, the need of the hour is to regulate the anarchic social media via technology and public participation.

UPSC Daily Answer writing practice

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