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‘The menace of Substance and Drug Abuse in India has to be countered with a multi-pronged strategy.’ Discuss(250 words)

‘भारत में मादक द्रव्यों के सेवन और नशीली दवाओं के दुरुपयोग का बहु-आयामी रणनीति के साथ मुकाबला करना होगा।’ चर्चा करें (250 शब्द)



Definition and situation in India.



How to counter from various angles.


overarching approach

Model Answer

Substance or Drug abuse refers to unhealthy use of Alcohol, Cannabis, Opioids, Cocaine, Synthetic drugs, Sedatives, Inhalants and Hallucinogens etc. by the population. India being in the midst of Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent, drug abuse has become a big problem in many areas among all population groups. Punjab is a prominent example.

Drug abuse leads to addiction and dependence, loss of cognitive functions, physical weakness and serious health issues including diseases like AIDS. It robs the country of its productive citizens and creates problems in family and social life. A historical example can be seen in 19th century China.

The strategy for countering drug abuse should have following components:-

  • The legal framework(NDPS Act) should be strengthened and stringent provisions for drug peddlers should be made, but govt should also focus more on rehabilitation of addicts as only a small fraction seeks or gets help in India. More professional rehabilitation centres are needed.
  • The social support system for addicts is severely lacking. Support groups like ‘Alcoholic Anonymous’ have been part of deaddiction process in west for years. NGOs should be promoted to create such groups.
  • The education system needs an overhaul to channelize energies of children towards sports.  This has been a successful approach in Iceland. Awareness about drug abuse is also required among teachers and parents.
  • Use should be made of technology to monitor and assess the incidence of drug abuse and also to provide help to addicts.
  • Administrative: As many pharma drugs are also abused, manufacturing, transport and sale of over the counter drugs with potential of abuse should be monitored and restricted.

Thus, drug and substance abuse should be seen not only from legal, but also social, educational and more importantly a human angle to effectively counter it.

UPSC Daily Answer writing practice

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