UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS- 1 #37

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'The recent conflict between China and Hong Kong have a colonial legacy'. In this context elaborate what does 'cutting of Chinese melon' means and how it led to 'one country two system'. (150 words)

'चीन और हांगकांग के बीच हालिया संघर्ष में औपनिवेशिक विरासत है।' इस संदर्भ में 'चीनी तरबूज काटने' का क्या अर्थ है और यह कैसे 'एक देश दो व्यवस्था' की ओर ले गया । (150 words)



Since its more of a factual question you can directly start with what is being asked.


1. Explain what do you understand by ‘cutting of Chinese melon’

2. Link part (1) with the second part i.e ‘one country two system’


The present condition in China and how the system is under strain.

Model Answer

Imperialist domination of China began with what are known as the Opium Wars. Britain declared war and easily defeated the Chinese. The Chinese were then forced to pay heavy damages to the British and open five port cities to British traders. The island of Hong Kong was turned over to Britain. Soon other imperial powers scrambled for privileges from the Chinese state and divided China into spheres of influence, which meant that each country had certain regions of China reserved exclusively for its purposes. The division of China into spheres of influence has often been described as the ‘cutting of the Chinese melon’.

Honk Kong was leased to imperial Britain by China in 1898 for 99 years. Before the expiration of the lease in 1997 the British and Chinese government negotiated the “one country, two systems”. Under the principle, each region of China could continue to have its own system of government, economic and financial independence, legal system and external trade relations.

However, the system has been under strain since last few years. The pro-democracy “Umbrella Movement” in 2014 was testament to this. The recent uprising in Honk Kong due to the extradition bill exemplifies the erosion of the “one country, two systems”.

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