UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS- 1/2 #39

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A landlocked country usually suffers many disadvantages. Explain and elaborate the strategies landocked countries have adopted in modern times to remedy the situation.(250 words)

एक स्थलरुद्ध देश आमतौर पर काफी मुश्किलों का सामना करता है। समझाएँ और इस स्थिति को सुधारने के लिए आधुनिक समय में स्थलरुद्ध देशों ने जो रणनीतियाँ अपनाई हैं, उन्हें स्पष्ट करें । (250 शब्द)



  • Explain in brief what are landlocked countries.


First part: Mention the disadvantages faced by land locked countries

Second part: Elaborate on the methods used by these countries with examples


Model Answer

Landlocked countries are those sovereign states that are surrounded completely by land (by other countries), have no territorial access to the seas, limited border crossings and transit dependence. These dependencies limit political and economical lives of the citizens.

The disadvantages experienced are:
• Isolation:
– Lack of territorial access to the sea causes remoteness and isolation
• Limited social development:
– the relatively poor performance of many landlocked countries is attributed to distance
from coast
• Limited market share:
– In spite of technological improvements in transport, landlocked developing countries
continue to face structural challenges to accessing world markets.
– Higher transportation costs and delay causes lesser trade.
• Vulnerable during disasters:
– With dependence on their regional neighbours for trade and transport, landlocked countries remain vulnerable in times of natural disasters or regional conflict.
– Life expectancy, in most cases, continues to lag behind neighbouring coastal countries

However, many landlocked countries have successfully overcome the locational disadvantages:

  1. Some landlocked countries are quite affluent, such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Austria,all of which frequently employ neutrality to their political advantage.
  2. European landlocked countries, such as Austria, Hungary and Slovakia export mainly high-value products such as machinery and equipment while others tend to export commodities.
  3. Engagement with the private sector is also essential, including through foreign direct
    investment and public-private partnership.
  4. Access to coast by creating infrastructure: India is developing the Chabhar port for access to landlocked central Asia. China’s BRI project aims to develop its hinterland
  5. The major landlocked countries have come together under the aegis of UN and have demanded aid for their development. The last conference was held at Vienna.

A large proportion of the 32 landlocked developing countries are also classified as least developed countries. The need of the hour is to develop an international consensus and a strategy to help these countries develop.

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