UPSC Level 1 Pre Quiz #41

UPSC prelims online quiz

Duration: 5 min




#1 Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Indian Constitution can be suspended only by ?

#2 Which one of the following Fundamental Rights is guaranteed only to the citizens and not to the foreigners?

#3 During the World War II: A) Gandhi supported the allied powers unconditionally. B) Subhash Bose and socialists argued that the war was an imperialist propaganda and we should not support Britishers. C) CWC meeting at Wardha took place in September 1939. which one of the following is correct?

#4 August Offer announced: A) Dominion Status B) Expanded Viceroys executive Council C) Setting up of Constituent Assembly. which of the following is correct?

#5 Arrange the chronology: A) Linlithglow offer B) August offer C) Cripps Mission D) Wavell Plan.

#6 Individual Satyagraha was started in the year?

#7 Who were the first and second person to offer Individual Satyagraha?

#8 Cripps mission gave the powers: A) To make Indian constitution completely by Indians. B) A concrete plan for constitutional assembly. C) Options for provinces to have a separate constitution. choose the correct option:

#9 The climate of India is mainly tropical because:

#10 The two volcanic islands in the Indian territory are:


UPSC prelims online quiz

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