UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS- 1 #41

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‘India has one of the richest archaeological  remains but also one of the poorest maintained ones.’ What are the challenges in preserving archaeological heritage in  India and how can these be met?(250 words)

‘भारत विश्व पुरातात्विक अवशेषों के सन्दर्भ में सबसे धनी राष्ट्रों में सम्मिलित है, लेकिन इनकी देखरेख की व्यवस्था दोषपूर्ण है ।’ भारत में पुरातात्विक धरोहरों को संरक्षित करने में क्या चुनौतियाँ हैं और इनसे कैसे मुकाबला किया जा सकता  है? (250 शब्द)


Rich heritage, legal aspects


Challanges and how to meet them


A brief summary of steps to be taken

Model Answer

Historical ruins and architecture are essential part of cultural heritage as they are closely related to identity of the nation. India has thousands of heritage sites starting from Harappan ruins to British era monuments. It is a constitutionally mandated fundamental duty to preserve these sites. However despite guidelines in Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 1958 and expertise of ASI, many of these sites are not well maintained.


Challenges in preservation:


  • One of the major issues is vandalism by public due to ignorance and poor vigilance. A recent example is vandalism in Hampi monuments.
  • There are cases of illegal occupation of ancient monuments and buildings especially around densely populated areas like Delhi.
  • One of the major threat is pollution e.g. yellowish color of the Taj Mahal, effect of acid rain etc.
  • Lack of funding to ASI is an issue. The ticket prices are low at monuments and most of the money is spent at a few monuments like Taj Mahal and other World Heritage sites.


Steps to meet these challenges:


  • ASI should be given more funds to maintain and restore these sites. Increasing ticket prices and imposing fines for vandalism are some ways to raise resources and instil behaviour change.
  • NGOs like INTACH, already working for conservation, should be encouraged to widen their activities and spread awareness about our tangible heritage.
  • Local residents are considered as the key factor for protecting the national heritage, specially if they economically benefit from the tourist inflow. They should also be involved in conservation efforts.
  • Private companies should be encouraged to adopt monuments under CSR(like Red Fort by Dalmia).


Our rich archaeological heritage can only be protected if we find innovative ways to raise resources for their upkeep and ensure there is wide community participation for their maintenance. Project Mausam and use of remote sensing by the government are a move in the right direction.


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