UPSC Daily Answer writing practice GS-1/2 #57

The most important and most neglected part for Civil Services Preparation is answer writing. It is not about HOW MUCH YOU STUDY but CAN YOU WRITE within word limit and time frame. After UPPCS daily answer writing practice and  UKPCS DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE, ORACLE IAS comes out with new initiative UPSC DAILY ANSWER WRITING PRACTICE. 

1. On what grounds a people’s representative can be disqualified under the Representation of Peoples Act, 1951? Also mention the remedies available to such person against his disqualification. (250 words, UPSC CSE 2019 GS 2)

किन आधारों पर किसी लोक प्रतिनिधि को लोक प्रतिनिधित्व अधिनियम, 1951 के अधीन निरर्हित किया जा सकता है? उन उपचारों का भी उल्लेख कीजिए जो ऐसे निरर्हित व्यक्ति को अपनी निरर्हता के विरूद्ध उपलब्ध है।

2.  State the reasons why tropical fishing suffers from many disadvantages when compared to temperate fishing. (150 words)

किन कारणों से शीतोष्ण मछली पकड़ने की तुलना में उष्णकटिबंधीय मछली पकड़ने प्रतिकूल परिस्थिति है । (150 शब्द)

1. General comment: This was the one of the easiest questions of the UPSC CSE exam 2019. This is the first time question has been asked from RPA 1951 after change in syllabus 1951. The question can be directly answered from the polity bible ‘Laxmikanth’. (pg 22.5)

Intro: The Representation of the People Act, 1951(RPA) is an act of parliament of India, which provides for conducting elections, qualifications and disqualifications for membership of legislature etc.

The Parliament has laid down the following disqualifications in the Representation of People Act (1951):
1. He must not have been found guilty of certain election offences or corrupt practices in the elections.
2. He must not have been convicted for any offence resulting in imprisonment for two or more years. But, the
detention of a person under a preventive detention law is not a disqualification.
3. He must not have failed to lodge an account of his election expenses within the time.
4. He must not have any interest in government contracts, works or services.
5. He must not be a director or managing agent nor hold an office of profit in a corporation in which the
government has at least 25 per cent share.
6. He must not have been dismissed from government service for corruption or disloyalty to the State.
7. He must not have been convicted for promoting enmity between different groups or for the offence of bribery.
8. He must not have been punished for preaching and practising social crimes such as untouchability, dowry and

Remedies available:

On the question whether a member is subject to any of the above disqualifications, the president’s decision is final. However, he should obtain the opinion of the election commission and act accordingly.
By way of appeal: In case of Indira Gandhi, initially high court disqualified but through appeal Supreme court withheld the judgement of the High court.
Exemption of certain office of profit: Certain office of profit can be exempted from disqualification by an act of parliament/legislature. E.g.: Private secretaries to CM in Punjab, Parliamentary secretaries Delhi etc.

Judiaciary has also played a role in RPA act evolution. This is exemplified by the cases like Lily Thomas, Jan Chowkidar etc.

2. General comment: This is a straight forward question where you need to mention the facts. You can find some of them in GC Leong.

Intro: Tropical fishing is practiced within tropical areas (30° north and south of Equator).
The major tropical fish-producing countries are China, Peru, Chile, Indonesia India etc. The countries beyond latitude beyond 30° north and south of Equator practice temperate fishing. Egs. Norway, Japan, Canada etc

Body: Temperate fishing is relatively more developed than the tropical region. The major reasons are:

  • More plankton in temperate region leads to more fish concentration.
    · High Temperature and humidity in tropics lead to more lethargy and inhibits preservation for a longer time.
    · Variety and better quality of Species are better in the temperate region.
    · Lack of Shallow Shelf in the tropical region that provide natural ground for fish breeding and catching.
    · Indented coastline provides space for building fishing harbors. The tropics lack such coastlines.
    · Lack of Agriculture and other Occupations: Due to barren topography, harsh climate and lack of alternative occupation, most of the people had no other alternative job, except traditional fishing activities, e.g., in Japan, Iceland, Norway etc
    · Food Habit: Unlike tropical areas —where in some places fish consumption is inhib­ited for religious reasons — people of temperate region consumes plenty of fish.
  • Lack of Alternative Protein Source: Countries like Japan are highly dependent on fish for protein in their diet. The ever-growing demand of protein boosted fishing activities in temperate seas.


UPSC Daily Answer writing practice

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