UPSC Level 1 Pre Quiz #90




#1 Who had founded the Indian Home Rule Society?

#2 Which great war was fought between the years 1914 and 1918?

#3 In which year was the Indian Home Rule Society founded?

#4 Whom had the rebels of 1857 enthroned as the emperor/emperess of India?

#5 Who had formulated and perfected the use of the subsidiary alliance system?

#6 The revolt of 1857 had its beginnings in?

#7 The famous Quit India Resolution was passed on ?

#8 Which of the following was the most important feature of the Montague-Chelmsford reforms?

#9 The problem that exercised and evoked the reformists in the 19th century to the greatest extent related to ?

#10 Which lord is regarded to have been the father of local self- government in India.?



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