UPSC Level 1 Pre Quiz #92


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#1 The Indian Civil Service Examination was thrown open to all by the Act of

#2 The Objective of Non-alignment of India’s foreign policy means

#3 Pitt’s India Act brought the company in direct subordination to a body representing

#4 The Pitt’s India Act empowered the Governor-General with

#5 As per Pitt’s India Act the Committee of Secrecy would consist of three members of

#6 Which of the following statements is not correct? According to Pitt’s India Act the Board of Control would consist of

#7 The Presidents of early English Settlements (Madras, Bombay and Calcutta) were responsible to

#8 Before the Regulating Act was passed in 1773, there was at home to, administer the East India Company.

#9 Tashkent Agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in the year

#10 China invaded Indian frontiers in the year



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