UPPCS Pre Quiz#22




#1 The Indian Parliament consists of:

#2 The executive power of the Union vests in:

#3 Which amongst the following now decide the oil-prices in India?

#4 Anushakti Vidyut Nigam Limited is a joint venture of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India and

#5 Which of the following makes recommendation regarding fixing of minimum support price for various crops?

#6 As per Census-2011, the literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh is?

#7 Time of zero-hour in Parliament is:

#8 Who amongst the following are not included in the electoral college for the election of the President of India?

#9 As a result of global warming the frequency and severety of which of the following” are increasing due to global warming?

#10 Norman Borlaug was given Nobel Prize in which field?


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