UPPCS Pre Quiz#23




#1 Which one of the following Thermometers is known as pyrometer?

#2 ‘Dynamo’ is a device, which converts?

#3 The velocity of wind is measured by?

#4 Which one of the following gases is not a green ‘house gas?

#5 In wind power; which form of energy is converted into electrical energy?

#6 The minimum distance of clear vision for a normal healthy eye of human being is supposed to be?

#7 The substance used as moderator and coolant both, in nuclear reactors is?

#8 Which of the following air pollution gets dissolve in haemoglobin of the blood more rapidly than oxygen?

#9 Consider the following statements about haemoglobin: A) It carries oxygen in the blood. B) It is iron containing compound. C) It provides immunity against certain disease. D) It imparts red colour to the blood. The correct statements out of these are:

#10 Big-Bang theory’ explains the origin of?


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