UPSC Level 1 Pre Quiz #94


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#1 Tashkent Agreement was signed between India and

#2 India is in favour of in the economic field.

#3 Which of the following influenced the makers of Indian Constitution?

#4 Who was primarily responsible for making India a secular State.

#5 On Cabinet Mission,________observed, “the proposals preserve the essential unity of India which la threatened by the dispute between two major communities”.

#6 Sardar Patel brought all the Indian States into the Country’s unity

#7 Who played an important role in bringing all the States In the Independent India Into the country’s unity?

#8 As per Indian Independence Act, the Suzerainty of His Majesty over the Indian State would come to an end on

#9 Which of the following was not included in Pakistan by the Independence Act?

#10 As per the Act of Indian Independence, the boundaries of East Bengal, West Bengal and Assam would be determined by



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