UPPCS Mains- 2018 Answer writing practice #42

UPPCS Mains- 2018 answer writing practice

What were the need and objective of land reforms in India? State the various steps taken by the government in this regard. (200 words)

भारत में भूमि सुधारों की आवश्यकता और उद्देश्य क्या थे? इस संबंध में सरकार द्वारा उठाए गए विभिन्न कदम बताएं। (200 शब्द)

Model Answer

Land reforms  includes regulation of ownership, operation, leasing, sales, and inheritance of land.
Need for land reform in India
· In order to remove intermediaries like zamindars, landholders, farm merchants from the production
process, so that the tillers have a stake and incentive in production.
· The tendency of large land holders becoming richer and small land holders not so increases
inequality. So the land had to be redistributed.
· The dependence of a large population and weaker section of the society on agriculture.
· Various agriculture related stresses such as inadequate crop production, dependence on rainfall,
exploitation by money lenders etc, leading to farmer suicides.
· Economic harm due to decline in agriculture productivity.
· To recognize traditional rights of tribal over forest lands, preventing alienation of tribal community
and making them a stakeholder in development process.

Objectives of Land Reforms
· Initially the objective was to provide equitable distribution of land and adequate income to those
who were dependent on it.
· To keep agricultural productivity high.
· To ensure food security of the country.
· To ensure self reliance of the national economy.
· To reduce poverty and inequality.

Steps taken in order to carry forward land reforms
· Abolition of Zamindari Act.
· Tenancy regulation: to improve contractual terms including security of tenure.
· Land Ceiling: where a cap on maximum land ownership was introduced. The land in excess of limit
was distributed amongst the landless.
· Land to the tillers: taking away the land from landholders who did not cultivate it.
· Cooperative farms: to provide for a larger productive land for the community to work on.
· Appropriate compensation for the acquired land.
· The Scheduled tribes and other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006.

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