UPSC Level 2 polity Pre Quiz #15




#1 In which of the following circumstances Constitution empowers the Parliament to make law on any matter enumerated in the state list? 1. When Rajya Sabha passes a resolution 2. During a national emergency 3. When states make a request 4. To implement international agreement 5. During president’s rule Select the correct answer using the codes given below

#2 Consider the following statements regarding the protem speaker: 1. The speaker protem has all the powers of the speaker. 2. Speaker protem presides over the joint sitting of both the houses of parliament. 3. Main duty of speaker protem is to administer oath to the new members. 4. The protem speaker enables the house to elect the deputy speaker. Which of the above statement/statements is/are correct?

#3 Consider the following statements: 1. The offce of whip is mentioned neither in the constitution nor in the rules of the house nor in a parliamentary statute2. Every political party, whether ruling or opposition, has its own whip in the Parliament. 3. Whip is appointed by the political party to serve as an assistant floor leader. Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

#4 Consider the following statements: 1. The frst hour of every parliamentary sitting is slotted for question hour. 2. The zero hour starts immediately after the question hour and lasts until the agenda for the day is taken up. 3. The questions included in the question hour are starred question, only. 4. Zero hour starts at around 2 p.m in afternoon. Which of the above statement/statements is/are in correct?

#5 In the removal of which of the following offcials does the Parliament play no role? 1. Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission. 2. Judges of High Courts.

#6 The quorum of the Parliament is fxed at:

#7 An Appropriation Bill: 1. includes the expenditure charged on the consolidated fund of India 2. is required to withdraw money from the contingency fund of India

#8 The privileges enjoyed by the members of Parliament individually include: 1. freedom from arrest in all cases 2. freedom of speech in Parliament

#9 All moneys received by or on behalf of the Government of India are credited to : 1. The Public Account of India 2. The Consolidated Fund of India

#10 Which of following matters can never be discussed in a State Legislature? 1. The conduct of Governor 2. The conduct of any high court judge


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