UPPCS Mains- 2018 Answer writing practice #43

UPPCS Mains- 2018 answer writing practice

What is shale gas? Discuss shale gas’s importance and distribution in India. (125 words)

शेल गैस क्या है? भारत में इसके महत्व और वितरण पर चर्चा करें। (125 शब्द)

Model Answer

Shale gas refers to natural gas produced from shale, a type of fine-grained sedimentary rock. It is an unconventional gas reservoir as the gas is trapped within the impermeable shale rocks, which inhibits the gas from migrating towards the earth’s surface to more permeable rocks.
Importance of shale gas for India:

India is the third largest consumer of energy in the world after China and USA, but it is not endowed with abundant energy resources. High reliance on imported energy imperils fiscal stability given volatile energy prices, and also impinges adversely on energy security.
Meeting the energy needs of the nation at affordable prices, therefore, presents a major challenge. Thus, the emergence of unconventional sources of gas, particularly shale gas, holds special relevance for India.
Distribution of shale gas in India:
According to Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the following sedimentary basins are considered prospective basins for Shale oil and gas:
• Cambay Basin
• Gondwana Basin
• KG Basin
• Cauvery Basin
• Indo-Gangetic Basin
• Assam-Arakan Basin

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