UPPSC-UPPCS Mains- Answer writing practice #59

UPPSC/UPPCS Mains- Answer writing practice

Discuss the causes of the Russian revolution of 1917. Also discuss its impact. (200 words)

1917 की रूसी क्रांति के कारणों पर चर्चा करें। इसके प्रभाव पर भी चर्चा करें। (200 words)

Model Answer

The following are the underlined causes of Russian Revolution 1917:

Peasant Poverty:

o The state of agriculture in the Pre-World War-I Russia was poor, due to outdated techniques, widespread illiteracy and lack of capital.
o There was high inequality in land distribution as 20 percent of the land was occupied in large estates and owned by the Russian upper class.
o By 1917, there was a mass of disaffected peasants who were excessively poor and could barely escape famine from harvest to harvest.

 Growing and politicized urban work force:

There was a rise of the industrial working class who started working in the mines, factories and workshops in the major cities. They suffered low wages, poor housing and many accidents. As a result, there were many strikes and constant conflicts
between the workers and the police.

 Tsar’s imperialist ambitions at the expense of domestic affairs: State treasury was doling out money for Tsar’s imperialist misadventures instead of catering to the population which was suffering misery and starvation under frequent famines.

Impact of Russian Revolution on Russia and the world:

· The revolution marked the end of a dynasty that had lasted 300 years and concluded with the seizure of power by a small revolutionary group.
· It provided an alternative to feudal and capitalist modes of production and governance for the first time in the spheres of economy, society and the government.
· The Communist movement began to grow worldwide, which frightened the capitalist world.
· It was a paradigm change in terms of the models of economic and governmental establishments. It came to be seen as a rule for the downtrodden and more egalitarian. It was to fuel anti-imperialist sentiments, decolonization and socialist transitions throughout various countries of the world and not only in Russia.

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