UPSC Level 2 Geography Pre Quiz #41


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#1 Consider the following statements: 1. Ocean currents are slow-surface movement of water in the ocean. 2. Ocean currents assist in maintaining the Earth’s heat balance. 3. Ocean currents are set in motion primarily by prevailing winds. 4. Ocean currents are affected by the configuration of the ocean. Which of these statements are correct?

#2 Consider the following statements: 1. The Labrador current is a cold current in the North Atlantic Ocean. 2. The Falkland current is a warm current that flows along the Chile coast of South Pacifc Ocean. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?

#3 Which of the following are true with regard to temperature control of the atmosphere of a given place ? 1. The major temperature contrasts on earth’s surface are between land masses and oceans. 2. During night, the water surface cools more rapidly than the land surface. 3. Temperature generally decreases with latitude on either side of the equator. 4. Temperature rises to a maximum during summer and falls to a minimum during winter.

#4 Consider the following statements: 1. Precipitation takes place when temperature of moisture in air sharply decrease. 2. The form of precipitation associated with strong convective currents in thunder storm is hail storms. 3. Sleet is a form of precipitation in which the drain drops get frozen into ice on coming in contact with a cold layer of air near the earth’s surface. Select the correct statement/statements using the codes given below:

#5 Relative humidity of the atmosphere is directly affected by

#6 Which of the following is/are not a function of the Mangroves? 1. Buffer zone between the land and sea. 2. Protect the land from erosion. 3. Play an invaluable role as nature’s shield against cyclones, ecological disasters and as protector of shorelines. 4. Breeding and nursery grounds for a variety of marine animals. 5. One of the causes of marine pollution. Which of the above statements is/are correct?

#7 Which of the following temperate grass lands are found in Eurasia?

#8 Consider the following statements regarding the Wetlands: 1. Wetlands are lands that are transitional between terrestrial and aquatic eco-systems. 2. Though the Kolleru Lake provides habitat for a number of resident and migratory birds, including the vulnerable Grey Pelican yet it is not covered within the Ramsar convention. 3. Chilika lake is a brackish lake, placed on the Montreux Record in 1993 due to siltation, which was choking the mouth of the lake. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

#9 Consider the following conditions: 1. Humid tropics with heavy rain and uninterrupted warmth. 2. Silica is removed and transported downward. 3. Iron and aluminium accumulate at the surface. Which of the below soil forming processes is active in the above conditions?

#10 The world conservation strategy has suggested few steps for biodiversity conservation: 1. Efforts should be made to preserve the species that are endangered. 2. Prevention of extinction requires proper planning and management. 3. Varieties of food crops, forage plants, timber trees, livestock, animals and their wild relatives should be preserved. 4. Each country should identify habitats of wild relatives and ensure their protection. 5. Habitats where species feed, breed, rest and nurse their young should be safeguarded and protected. 6. International trade in wild plants and animals should be regulated. Which of the above suggestions have been given by the world conservation strategy biodiversity conservation?


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