Mains- Answer writing practice: Organized crime #170

Mains- Answer writing practice: Organized crime

How do organized crime and terrorism cooperate and collaborate with each other?  (200 words)

Model answer

Organized crime and terrorism are bonded by common operational characteristics and often depend on each other for crucial resources viz.:
Terrorist groups utilizing networks of organized crime:
Access to financial resources for terrorist attacks. For example, Taliban’s dependence on drug trafficking.
Possibility of building up economic power, compensating for lack of public support. For example, ISIS occupied vast areas in Iraq and Syria, controlling oil and gas reserves, banks, antiquities, and cultural heritage as well as the capital of the people of these areas.
Access to specialist skills (e.g. money laundering or forging travel documents). Fake passports and forged I.D.s may be used to plan terrorist attacks in foreign states.
Facilitation in cross-border movements (use of smuggling and human trafficking routes).
Coming into contact with a wider range of potential recruits who are already outlaws.
Access to arms and ammunition using the networks of illegal arms traffickers.

Organized criminal groups benefit from terrorist groups as:
They utilize their military skills and obtain protection for illicit drug cultivation or trafficking in areas under guerrilla/terrorist control.
Terrorist destabilization of political and economic structures may create favorable environments for organized crime activities.
Alliance with terrorists might provide an extra degree of ‘intimidation’, leading, for instance, to higher ransom payments for kidnapping victims.
The difficulties for violent extremist offenders to re-enter the society, make them potential targets for recruitment to the organized crime groups.

A multi-dimensional approach is required to tackle this nexus which must include adequate training and use of data analytics and artificial intelligence monitoring tools to monitor socially harmful developments.

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