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Essay writing is often overlooked during UKPCS preparation. However, it is worth 130/300 marks in Upper PCS and 50/200 marks in Lower PCS. The good thing is that UKPSC provides a list of generic topics from which they are supposed to ask essay questions.

Oracle IAS is going to start a mini-course in essay writing for aspirants who are writing UKPCS Mains(Lower and Upper) 2022. The course will have the following features :-

Features of Essay Writing UKPCS:

Essay topics for Upper UKPCS:

Candidate has to write two short essays from the following topic: Total 130/300

Section A: Write an essay in any one of the topics in 500 words. (55 marks)

1- Social Structure, History, Culture and Art of Uttarakhand
2- Economic and Geographical Scenario and Environment of Uttarakhand
3- Literature of Uttarakhand
4- Women Empowerment in Uttarakhand: Challenges and Prospects

Section B: Write an essay in any one of the topics in 700 words. (75 marks)
1- Indian Economy and Polity System
2- Science and Technology
3- Disaster and Public Health Management
4- Current Event
5- Global Security, Human Rights and India

Essay Topics for Lower UKPCS:

Candidate has to write one short essay from the following topic: 400 words, 50/200 marks

1- Literature & Culture
2-Social Sphere & Political Sphere
3-Uttarakhand – Social Sphere & Political Sphere)
 4-Science, Environment & Technology
 5-National & International Events
 6-Natural Calamities like Land slide, Earthquake, Deluge, Drought etc.

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