UPSC Prelims practice quiz- level 2

Benefits of UPSC Prelims practice quiz level 2:

  • The level 1 quizzes are of low to moderate difficulty. The quizzes are influenced by the other UPSC exams like CDS etc. The question in the quizzes are static in nature. We recommend these quizzes for beginners. We have formulated more then 100 quizzes in this section.
  • The level 2 quizzes are of moderate to low difficulty. The  quizzes are influenced by NCERTs and other recommended books for UPSC civil services. The questions in level 2 quizzes are static in nature.
  • The level 3 quizzes are of low to high difficulty level. It also tries to cover some CA portion aswell.
#1 You’d be able to overcome fear of exams

Fear and anxiety are invariably part of the UPSC aspirants journey. Fear and anxiety are not altogether bad. Till they increase the hunger to learn and perform well in exams, they are helpful. When that converts into inaction due to nervousness, it becomes a cause of worry.

As such, there is no shortcut to overcome anxiety and nervousness. It can be dealt by way of practising and regular feedback from mentors and experts.

Here comes the importance of Mock tests, that helps you to get accustomed to the exam like condition, identify your mistakes and scope of improvement from teacher s feedback make you prepared for the UPSC prelims quiz  exam.

#2 Will help you check and boost your exam preparedness

Mock tests help you analyse your mistakes when you still have time to correct those mistakes. This also helps you to re-revise the topic and understand how to tackle those mistakes. By correcting your mistakes and regularly taking mock tests you move to a path of fast-track learning which gives a boost to your confidence level and exam preparedness.

#3 You’d be able to understand the pattern of questions

If you have gone through the previous questions you must have come across words such as comment, discuss, critically examine, enumerate etc. that qualify questions in UPSC mains.

These words are not ornamental. They have specific demands and those who understand the need and write accordingly achieve good marks. Many aspirants write their answers without fully understanding what the question is asking, and how you need to answer it. If you want to score well in mains exam, you should develop a habit of reading questions critically, understanding what is required, and then writing answers that questions demand.

Examiners give importance to the comprehensive analysis and check whether you have addressed the specific nuances of the question.

In that way, Mock tests help you understand different ways in which questions may be presented, and how you need to answer the questions asked.

Having knowledge is the starting point. How you use your knowledge to answer the questions clearly and concisely comes through practice.

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