UKPCS 2024 : Scholarship Test for Courses by Oracle IAS

In our commitment to fostering talent and ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder the aspirations of deserving candidates, Oracle IAS is thrilled to announce its merit-cum-means PCS Scholarship Test Programme for the PCS Courses 2024. These courses start in March and April 2024 and will be helpful primarily for UKPCS 2024 and UPPCS 2024. You can read about our courses here.

This initiative is designed to support aspirants who demonstrate exceptional potential in their pursuit of a career in civil services. Led by our esteemed senior mentors, Mr. Hemant Bhatt and Mr. Pawan Pandey, the scholarship programme is a testament to Oracle IAS’s dedication to nurturing future leaders.

Scholarship Criteria and Benefits

The Oracle IAS Scholarship Programme is tailored to identify and reward candidates who have shown promise in their academic and preparatory pursuits but may require financial assistance to reach their full potential. The scholarship will cover a portion of the course fees, allowing recipients to access our comprehensive UKPCS preparation materials, mentorship, and resources at a subsidized rate.

The maximum discount offered is 75%(combining all the criteria below). Note that all our courses and books are currently offered in English medium.

Eligibility for the scholarship is determined based on the following criteria:

Criteria Description Discount Offered
EWS Certificate (if applicable) Candidates must provide a valid Economically Weaker Section (EWS) or a Low Income certificate. Flat 30%
Online Scholarship Test Performance 1. Performance in the scholarship test(online) to be held on 26 March, 2024, will be a crucial factor.

2. A short Essay on given topic of about 400- 500 words.

up to 30%(can be 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% too)
Academic Merit Marks obtained in the 10th, 12th, and graduation examinations will be taken into consideration. upto 15%(5% each for 10th, 12th and graduation marks above 90%)

Note : The above criteria can be combined to have a maximum total discount of 75%. 

How to Apply

Interested candidates for PCS Scholarship Test are required to follow a simple application process to be considered for the scholarship:

  1. Submit an Application: Fill out the scholarship application form available Click here providing all necessary academic and personal details.
  2. Attach Required Documents: Upload the EWS certificate, along with mark sheets of the 10th, 12th, and graduation examinations.
  3. Take the Scholarship Test: Ensure your participation in the scholarship test scheduled for:
    • First test: 26 March 2024(online).
    • Second test: 13 April 2024 (online)
    • Third test: 4th May 2024 (online)

Test Details and Preparation

The online scholarship test will assess the candidates’ understanding of various subjects relevant to the UKPCS examination syllabus. No special preparation is required for the test.

Final Thoughts

The Oracle IAS Scholarship Programme for UKPCS Courses 2024 is more than just financial assistance; it is a gateway to transforming your aspirations into reality. With classes from seasoned experts and access to premier study resources, this scholarship could be the catalyst for your success in the UKPCS examinations.

Together, let’s embark on this journey towards excellence in civil services.

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