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Uttarakhand PCS Study material

Click on the link below for Uttarakhand PCS Study material:

UKPCS notes pdf

UKPCS Mains paper analysis

We have done detail UKPCS mains paper analysis for the year 2012 and 2016. Click on the following link given below:

UKPCS Polity Mains paper Analyses (paper 3)

UKPCS Geography Mains paper Analyses(paper 4)

UKPCS Economics Mains paper Analyses(paper 5)

UKPCS Science Mains paper Analyses(paper 6)

For Video analysis click here

UKPCS Mains answer writing click here 

Oracle IAS presents to you  for UKPCS Mains Answer Writing practice program.

Answer writing is the most important and crucial factor which can make or break your result. The amount of knowledge that you have matters, but what matters more is how well you can Convert that knowledge into good answers. People who are giving 5–6 th attempt have much more knowledge than what I could have, but are unable to properly do answer writing. Writing good answers does not come in a day. Its a long drawn out process, but one that is definitely rewarding in the exams.

UKPCS Mains Answer Writing

  • Content Building will happen as you read newspapers.
  • Remember that you have around 9 mins to write each answer worth 12.5 marks. question papers.
  • 1 min should be spent on understanding what the question is demanding out of you. Pay a close attention to the end terms – Analyse, Critically analyse, Discuss etc as these have different demands in terms of answers.
  • In answer, structuring is very important. A good introduction gives a good first impression and a good conclusion ensures that you give a last good impression before the examiner marks you.
  • Answer writing is as much about content as it is about perception creation.

    UKPCS Study Material


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