UPPCS Pre Quiz#12




#1 A new chapter on sustainable development and climate change was first introduced in the Economic Survey of:

#2 What is the percentage of population of Uttar Pradesh to India’s population as per Census 2011?

#3 A person with vision defect ‘Myopia’ can see?

#4 The mirror used by the dentists to see the teeth of the patients is?

#5 Which one of the following is a plant hormone?

#6 The ‘xylem’ in plants is responsible mainly for?

#7 Which of the following is a correct statement?

#8 Which one of the following programmes aimed at its completion by 2nd October 2019?

#9 The largest amount of fresh water on our planet is in ?

#10 The most important factor contributing to the loss of vulture population in India is?


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