As you might be aware, it is expected that UKPSC will soon release a notification for conducting Uttarakhand PCS (Upper and Lower) Examination to fill various Group – A and Group –B  vacancies under state government. In continuation of our past efforts to aid aspirants in their preparation, this time we would like to present our  ‘TARGET UKPSC PRELIMS 2021’ series  to assist aspirants in covering UKPSC prelims syllabus in a comprehensive and a strategic manner.


  • Start Date: 5 August 2021.
  • The program is based on Model of Targeted Self Study and Continuous Self Evaluation which shall be conducted in online mode.
  • Videos dedicated to complete strategy regarding prelims exam will made available to registered aspirants.
  • Free study material will be provided for all the UKPSC GS subjects.
  • The entire syllabus shall be covered in a period of  around 3 months. Students will be given bi-weekly targets (schedule is given below) followed by MCQ Based Quiz on lines of UKPSC exam pattern for evaluation for each topic.
  • The program will also cover Current Affairs (Jan 2021- Oct 2021) and Uttarakhand Specific GS.
  • The program is absolutely free for all. Please help us spread the word so that it benefits maximum number of people.



Quiz No. Quiz Date SubjectGeneral Studies Quiz Syllabus TopicsCurrent Affairs Topic
1.      5-AugHistoryIndus Valley Civilization+ Vedic Period And Religious Movement2021 January
2.      6-AugEconomicsIndian Economy+ Planning And Economic Development——————
3.      10-AugHistoryMaurya Period And Post Mauriya Period——————
4.      11-AugEconomicsIndian Agriculture——————
5.      15-AugHistoryGupta And Post Gupta Period2021 February
6.      16-AugEconomicsBasic Economics + World Economy——————
7.      20-AugHistoryAncient History Miss. + Delhi Sultanate——————
8.      21-AugGeneral AwarenessArt And Culture——————
9.      25-AugHistoryMughal Period + Initial Modern History (Till 1857)2021 March
10. 26-AugGeneral AwarenessNational And International Awards——————
11. 30-AugHistoryIndian Freedom Struggle 1 (1857-1917)——————
12. 31-AugGeneral AwarenessBooks And Authors——————
13. 4-SepHistoryIndian Freedom Struggle 2 (1917-1947)2021 April
14. 8-SepPolityConstitutional Framework, System Of Government2021 May
15. 9-SepGeneral SciencePhysics——————
16. 13-SepPolityCentral Government——————
17. 14-SepGeneral ScienceChemistry——————
18. 18-SepPolityState Government And Local Government,2021 June
19. 19-SepGeneral ScienceBiology 1——————
20. 23-SepPolityConstitutional Bodies, Non Constitutional Bodies Etc.——————
21. 24-SepGeneral ScienceBiology 2——————
22. 28-SepGeneral ScienceEnvironment2021 July
23. 29-SepGeneral ScienceScience & Technology——————
24. 1-OctGeographyAstronomy2021 August
25. 2-OctUKUttarakhand History——————
26. 6-OctGeographyPhysical Geography——————
27. 7-OctUKUttarakhand Geography——————
28. 11-OctGeographyEconomic Geography2021 September
29. 12-OctUKUttarakhand Economy——————
30. 16-OctGeographyWorld Geography——————
31. 17-OctUKUttarakhand Polity——————
32. 21-OctGeographyGeography Of India2021 October
33. 22-OctUKUttarakhand Culture And Uttarakhand CA——————

Model of Targeted Self Study and Continuous Self Evaluation

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