UKPCS science mains paper-2016 analysis

Previously we have seen analysis and observations on History, Geography, Economy and Polity paper of #UKPSC 2016 main exam. In this post we shall see our analysis and observations on  UKPCS Science Mains paper:-
1. Most students, specially of non-science background found this paper very tough. Even Science students would have found this tough if they were not well prepared. UKPSC has 35% qualifying marks for every paper(for unreserved seats) so to get intrerview call, one should at least get 70 in this paper. However many students fear they have not been been able to attempt this much in UKPCS Science Mains paper. We can only say that last time marking was very liberal so many got more than their expectation in this paper. So there is still hope.
2. If we see marks from last time, many have actually scored above 140 in this paper. So this might be a scoring paper if one prepares diligently. But one must be very thorough and not leave any area in syllabus.
3. UKPCS Science Mains paper this year was similar in difficulty to last year. Very well distributed questions. Biology: 40 marks. Chemistry:72, Computer science: 28, Disaster management: 34, Environment:43, Physics: 26, Random: 5 marks(patent question).
4. The questions required wide study and not to be attempted lightly. Even when it seemed like general type questions, these required specific points. For example LAN, MAN, WAN question required knowledge of topologies, question on menstural cycle required harmonal control etc.
5. UKPCS Science Mains paper would not seem tough to a well prepared person who has even read wikipedia pages of  all topics as questions were straightforward and from within syllabus. The problem students may face here is no defined reading material as one has to read through NCERTs, Computer science book, environment disaster management etc.
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Hemant Bhatt