The Hindu: 14.08.19 Relevant articles

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We at Oracle IAS believe in making the lives of all the serious aspirants easier. We get frequent queries regarding‘The Hindu’ newspaper for UPSC/IAS and PCS current affairs  – ‘How to start’, ‘What is important in the newspaper’, ‘How to make notes’ etc. Team Oracle IAS has come up with a innovative initiative.
We will try to cover ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for UPSC/IAS and PCS current affairs on daily basis with all the important articles snipped and highlighted.Every news article will be followed by ‘You should know’ section that contains questions (UPSC + PCS) that the aspirant should try to answer.
We believe that if you follow this initiative newspaper reading will become easier and you will be able to cover the dynamic section of the changing exam pattern.



Pls see below for ‘The Hindu’ newspaper for UPSC/IAS and PCS current affairs: 14.08.19 Relevant articles

‘The Hindu’ newspaper for UPSC/IAS and PCS current affairs

Hemant Bhatt

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