UPPCS Pre Quiz#17




#1 Which one of the following is the seventh part of the State according to Saptang Theory of State?

#2 In the early Rigvedic period, what was considered to be the most valuable property?

#3 Which of the following forts was not constructed in the reign of Akbar?

#4 Who were Polygars of South India?

#5 What is the name of party founded by Saumyendra Nath Tagore?

#6 Who out of the following performed a ritual called ‘Hiranya-Garbha’?

#7 Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

#8 Who addressed Gandhiji as ‘one man boundary force’?

#9 For which of the following Sessions, the Congress elected its first woman President?

#10 Who was the leader of 1857 struggle for freedom in Lucknow?


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