UPPCS Pre Quiz#18




#1 Who was known by the nick-name “Lokhitvadi”?

#2 What was ‘Kamagatamaru’?

#3 The ‘Cabinet-Mission’ of 1946 was led by:

#4 The Tarkeshwar movement of 1924 in Bengal was against?

#5 The ‘Deepavali Declaration’ issued in the year 1929 was related to the?

#6 Which of the following is the oldest and deepest lake of the world?

#7 Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

#8 Which of the following deserts is located in the Southern Hemisphere?

#9 Which of the following countries has more than 30% of its total area under national parks?

#10 Which of the following has been identified as a ‘biodiversity hot-spot’ in India?


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