UPPCS Pre Quiz#19




#1 Which of the following is NOT responsible for increase in the biodiversity of an ecosystem?

#2 Arrange the, following atmospheric zones in terms of the distance from the earth’s surface in increasing order and select the correct answer from the code given below: 1. Thermosphere 2. Troposphere 3. Stratosphere 4. Mesosphere

#3 Which of the following is the most significant factor in coral bleaching?

#4 The name of which of the following countries closely means “country of 40 tribes”?

#5 Which of the following country is the largest producer of copper ?

#6 Which of the following lakes of India is located in Jammu and Kashmir?

#7 Identify the correct sequence of the following states in terms of fish production in descending order:

#8 Which of the following is not correctly matched?

#9 Doodh-Ganga’ river is located in ?

#10 Which of the following is not a ‘ghost-town’ of U.P?


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