UKPCS Polity Notes and analysis- Mains Paper 3

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Today we will analyze the for Polity paper (paper 3) for 2012 and 2016. We would first discuss our methodology and basic assumptions. Thereafter, we would give our observation and recommendations.

UKPCS Polity Notes 

UKPCS Polity NCERT Notes

UKPCS Mains paper analysis

Methodology and assumptions:

  1. We have divided the question paper under following heads:
    1. Indian Polity (Laxmikant)
    2. Good governance (GG)
    3. Administrative system of Union/India (not state)
    4. Government of India Schemes
    5. Static International relationship (IR)
    6. Uttarakhand (UK) specific
    7. Current Affairs and Miss. (CA)

  1. 1,2,3,4,5,6: Static portion can be covered from traditional books and notes.

                                 7: Dynamic portion, regular reading of newspaper and critical analysis required.


  1. There were certain questions that could fit into two heads

egs Untouchablity (Q39, 2012,16m), we have split the question into two:

  • Constitutional provision: Laxmikanth head
  • Efforts: schemes head


  1. Many questions, particularly in 2016 paper, were put under CA head as they were not part of the static portion covered in traditiona


  • Black Money(Q38, 2012, 16m)
  • Roll of media (Q35, 2016, 16m)
  • UNSC Seat India (Q25,2016, 5m)
  • Domestic violence (Q33, 2016, 16m)
  • National Health Policy2017 (Q38, 2016, 16m)
  • Black Money (Q38, 2012, 16m)


UKPCS Polity Notes

  1. There is a distinct shift in the type of question being framed when we compare the two years. Even schemes that seem to be from static portion were current based Domestic Violence Act.
  2. Two markers were straight forward. However, more of eight markers and sixteen markers questions are being asked that required analysis and deeper study.
  3. Weight-age of questions asked from Lamikanth has
  4. Some topics were also there like Role of Media, Public servants’ civil rights etc. which are not commonly stressed by
  5. The weight-age of IR seems to decrease but actually it has not decreased. Some IR questions were dynamic in


  • Relevance of NAM in 21st century (Q26, 2016, 16m)
  • UNSC seat (Q25, 2016, 5m)


  1. Current Affairs cannot be ignored and left for the last moment. Newspaper reading is must along with smart
  2. Lamikanth is still the bible for polity. Aspirants should study it by There were many sitting ducks in 2, 5, 8 and most importantly in 16 markers.
  3. Aspirants should make issue based notes Black money, Women issue etc. For a good rank, aspirants should regularly update their notes and REVISE them regularly.
  4. The level of paper was pretty standard. It was a balance of easy, medium and difficult questions. In comparison to other papers relatively easier to attempt.
  5. Answer writing practice is the key to complete the question

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