UKPCS Essay : How to write a great essay and topic list

Essay is an important part of UKPCS Mains exam. It is generally easy to score marks in essays and in a Main exam, every single mark counts.

This post will give you a basic idea of how to write great essays in UKPCS mains exam. We discuss the syllabus, preparation strategy and some tips to write essays.

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The videos at the last of this post were made for UPSC essays but these will be important for UKPCS too. So, make sure you watch them carefully.

UKPCS Essay syllabus and basics

UKPSC asks you to write two essays in the first paper{language} of total 130 marks. Many students are afraid of Hindi in the first paper. Those who are weak in Hindi can improve marks in first paper by foc

The best thing is that they have given a list of topics from where the essays would be asked. This greatly simplifies the work of a serious aspirant.


UKPCS Essay Syllabus

How to prepare for UKPCS essay

Follow the tips below to prepare for UKPCS essay questions. These will help you score better marks in the actual exam:-

  1. Make a copy to prepare for the essay questions. You cannot leave it unprepared. Note down important quotes, facts and figures in that copy. This will help you enrich your essay and give authority to it. To know more about this, see video 1 below.
  2. Improve your language. It would be helpful to have a good vocabulary so that your expression in concise and exact. However, it does not mean you use only big words. In fact, use simple words in your essay. Some phrases or technical words should be included but only after properly defining such technical words.
  3. Use small sentences and avoid sentence sprawl. Bad sentence example: “The new world order is dominated by USA, making this a unipolar world, while China is militarily challenging the US hegemony in multiple theatres, from Pacific to Central Asia, it is more important to appreciate how the emerging field of Artificial intelligence, thought to bring in fourth Industrial revolution by the WEF, is increasingly being dominated by Chinese companies. ” This can easily be written in 3-4 simple sentences.
  4. Read non fiction books. These will give you innovative ideas, new view points and also improve your expression. Some examples of such books : Sapiens, Homo Dues, Why Nations Fail, My Experiments with Truth, Pax Indica etc. Offline students can avail free library facility to borrow these books.
  5. Plan and structure your essay. It should have a logical structure and should mention all relevant facts and arguments. See the video 2 below to understand better.
  6. It is important to transition in a logical manner between paragraphs. It takes practice and should be mastered by a serious aspirant. This is discussed in the third video below.
  7. The conclusion of an essay should be powerful and should encapsulate the essence of your arguments. I discuss some techniques to do that in video 3.
  8. As the commission has given you a list, it is a sound strategy is write at least 4-5 essays related to each topic. Also keep the date, facts, quotes etc ready for those topics. Not doing that is suicide.

What not to do while writing an essay for UKPCS

  1. Do not start writing immediately. Take some time and make a rough outline first.
  2. No extreme views in favour of or against any ideology, religion, place etc.
  3. Do not defame leaders, parties etc. You never know who the examiner is.
  4. Do not be excessively anti govt. The Hindu is should not be your essay teacher.
  5. Do not write wrong facts or quotes. That gives a bad impression and shows you are not a serious aspirant. If in doubt, do no write that fact/quote.

Videos for essay writing:

The following videos discuss the strategy for the essay exam.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


UKPCS essay writing is relatively easy due to certainty of topics. But you need to plan in an intelligent manner to get good marks. You can also read toppers’ copies{click here} and interviews to know more about their preparation strategy and plan your own accordingly.

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