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UKPCS Upper Mains 2024 Study Material : Prepared by Experts Topic wise

Prepping for UKPSC Mains 2024? Propel your preparation to the next level with Oracle IAS’s all-inclusive study materials, meticulously curated to align with the latest syllabus. Say goodbye to countless books and hello to one-stop solutions for all your UKPSC needs! UKPSC Mains Notes 2024

Tailored  UKPSC Mains Notes 2024:

  • General Hindi & Essays Simplified: Dive deep into the intricacies of General Hindi (Paper 1) and master the art of essay writing (Paper 2) with our specialized materials that align with the UPPCS standards for comprehensive coverage.
  • General Studies – A Panoramic View: Embrace our General Studies notes (Papers 1 to 4) echoing the UPSC and UPPCS framework. Encompassing a wide array of crucial subjects, these notes are designed to enhance your understanding and analytical skills.
  • Uttarakhand Special – GS Unveiled: Stay ahead of the curve with our exclusive content for the new ‘Uttarakhand special’ papers (GS 5 and GS 6). Our notes bring you closer to the heart of Uttarakhand, covering its heritage, development, and much more.

Oracle IAS Books for UKPCS Mains 2024 

  • Solved Mains Papers – Navigate Your Path: Gain clarity and a competitive edge with ‘Previous Year Solved Mains Papers’ by Mr. Hemant Bhatt. The revised edition offers detailed explanations and strategies for tackling complex questions.
  • Uttarakhand Simplified – Decode the Local Genius: ‘Uttarakhand Simplified’ is your compass to navigate through the state-specific papers. Unravel the unique dynamics of Uttarakhand with insights that can turn challenges into scoring opportunities.

Your Ultimate Preparation Partner: Oracle IAS believes in empowering aspirants with quality resources that resonate with the real demands of the UKPSC Mains exam. Our study material is more than just information; it’s a strategic ally that guides you through each stage of your preparation journey.

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Top UKPSC Books by Oracle IAS


Book Title Description Link
Uttarakhand Past Papers (MCQs) A treasure trove of past years’ questions conducted by Uttarakhand Public Service Commision (UKPSC) to sharpen your practice and refine your strategy. Click Here for details
Uttarakhand 2023 Get a grip on the latest developments and current affairs that matter for your UKPSC preparation. Click Here for details
A Concise History of Uttarakhand by Pawan Pandey Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Uttarakhand’s history, crafted by renowned author Pawan Pandey. Click Here for details
UKPSC Mains Solved Paper An indispensable guide with solved papers to give you the real feel of the UKPSC Mains exam pattern and expected questions. Click Here for details
Uttarakhand Simplified by Pawan Pandey (Upcoming Release) Simplify your learning curve with this soon-to-be-released gem, designed to give you a straightforward approach to the state’s complex topics.

For Uttarakhand Mains Paper 6 & Paper 7. 

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