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Preparing for the UKPCS Prelims 2024? Oracle IAS brings you an extensive and meticulously designed test series to help you succeed. The exam is scheduled for 14th July 2024, and our test series is tailored to cover all aspects of the syllabus comprehensively.

Please Note:

The test series includes 28 tests:  8 Full Length + 22 Uttarakhand Sectional Tests + 10 CA Tests 

1. Full-Length Tests: 8 Tests to Boost Your Confidence

Our test series includes 8 full-length tests designed to simulate the actual exam environment:

  • 4 General Studies (GS) Tests: Covering all major topics and current events.
  • 4 Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) Tests: Focused on honing your analytical and reasoning skills.
Full Length Tests
Test No. Test Category Test Syllabus Date
1 Full Lenghth – Paper 1 Entire Syllabus 8-Jun-24
2 Full Lenghth – Paper 2 Entire Syllabus 9-Jun-24
3 Full Lenghth – Paper 1 Entire Syllabus 15-Jun-24
4 Full Lenghth – Paper 2 Entire Syllabus 16-Jun-24
5 Full Lenghth – Paper 1 Entire Syllabus 22-Jun-24
6 Full Lenghth – Paper 2 Entire Syllabus 23-Jun-24
7 Full Lenghth – Paper 1 Entire Syllabus 29-Jun-24
8 Full Lenghth – Paper 2 Entire Syllabus 30-Jun-24

2. Sectional Tests: 22 Tests from Uttarakhand Section

Understand the nuances of the Uttarakhand-specific syllabus with our 22 sectional tests. These tests are divided into various segments to ensure a thorough understanding of the regional aspects:

  • History and Culture of Uttarakhand
  • Geography of Uttarakhand
  • Economy and Polity of Uttarakhand
  • Environment and Ecology of Uttarakhand
Uttarakhand Sectional Tests 
Test No.  Topic Name 
1 Pre and Proto history of Uttarakhand
2 Ancient Uttarakhand
3 Parmar Dynasty
4 Chand Dynasty
5 Chand Administration and Gorkha Kingdom
6 Gorkha Admin and British Gorkha War
7 British Rule in Kumaon 1
8 National Movement 1
9 National Movement in Uttarakhand 2
10 Administration of Parmar and Tehri Kingdom
11 Movement in Tehri Kingdom
12 Uttarakhand Geography : Location and divisions.
13 Rivers of UK
14 Tribes and wildlife conservation efforts
15 Climate and forests.
16 Soils, agriculture and trees.
17 Uttarakhand State Movement
18 Misc Polity and Geography of Uttarakhand
19 Polity Misc topics.
20 Economic Survey  2024 – 1
21 Economic Survey 2024 -2
22 Uk Economy

3. Current Affairs Tests: Stay Updated

Stay ahead in the race with our dedicated current affairs tests, covering national and international events from August 2023 to May 2024. These tests are crucial for scoring high in the dynamic section of the exam.

Current Affairs:  National + International 
Test No. Month
1 Aug-23
2 Sep-23
3 Oct-23
4 Nov-23
5 Dec-23
6 Jan-24
7 Feb-24
8 Mar-24
9 Apr-24
10 May-24

4. Affordable Pricing UKPCS Prelims 2024: Quality Preparation at Competitive Rates

Oracle IAS believes in providing quality education at affordable prices. Our UKPSC Prelims 2024 Test Series is priced competitively to ensure every aspirant gets the opportunity to prepare effectively without financial strain.

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