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Unlock the Secrets of Uttarakhand with UKPSC 2024 Coaching by Pawan Pandey Sir

Uttarakhand for UKPSC

Get ready to embark on a comprehensive learning journey through the heart of Uttarakhand with Oracle IAS’s exclusive UKPSC coaching program. With Pawan Pandey Sir at the helm, gain access to 30 hours of in-depth Uttarakhand classes, available live and recorded for your convenience. Dive deep into the region’s rich history, geography, and culture, and come out a step ahead in your UKPSC preparations.

Highlights of Our UKPSC Uttarakhand Classes:

  • Interactive Live Sessions: Engage with Pawan Pandey Sir in real-time through our live classes, designed to give you a thorough understanding of Uttarakhand’s landscape for the UKPSC exam.
  • Flexible Recorded Lectures: Missed a live session? Catch up with our recorded lectures on our LMS, accessible anytime to suit your study schedule.

Best Selling Uttarakhand Books by Oracle IAS:

  • Uttarakhand GK 2023: The go-to resource for all your general knowledge needs about Uttarakhand. (Click Here details)
  • A Concise History of Uttarakhand by Pawan Pandey: Delve into the past with this detailed account of the state’s history. (Click Here details)
  • Uttarakhand Simplified by Pawan Pandey (Upcoming Release): A simplified guide to the essentials of Uttarakhand, tailored for efficient learning.

Course Fees and Enrollment:

  • Competitive Pricing: Our course fees are structured to ensure affordability while providing maximum value.

Total cost of the package (Classes + Study Material/Books): Rs. 2999/- (including GST)

Don’t miss this chance to learn about Uttarakhand from the best in the field. Enroll now and take the first step towards conquering the UKPSC exam with Oracle IAS.

Cost of the UKPSC 2024 Prelims Classes:

  • Full Program Cost:

    • Online : Rs. 16000 /- (Class Lectures) + Rs. 5600/- (Test Series + 10000+  NCERT MCQ Quizzes) + Rs. 2100/- (Study Material+Books) = Rs. 23700/-                           Rs. 9999/-
    • Offline – Rs. 19000 /- (Class Lectures) + Rs. 5600/- (Test Series + 10000+  NCERT MCQ Quizzes) + Rs. 2100/- (Study Material+Books)=Rs. 26700/-                             Rs. 11999/-

Test Series detail Program (Click Here)

  • Test Series + Books:
    • Total Cost=  2500 (28 Full Length Tests) + Rs. 2500 (10000+ NCERT MCQs Quizzes) + Rs. 600 (2 Prelims Books)   = Rs. 5600/ Rs. 2199/-
  • Test Series Only:
    • Total Cost=  2500 (28 Full Length Tests) + Rs. 2500 (10000+ NCERT MCQs Quizzes)  = Rs. 5000/ Rs. 1999/-
  • Study Material & Books + Test Series = Rs. 2100 + Rs. 5600 /- = Rs. 7700  Rs. 3499/-
  • Study Material & Books only = Rs. 2100/- (including shipping)
  • Only Books =  550/- (including shipping)

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(All the above prices are including GST and shipping cost)


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