ukpsc lower pcs topper Vaibhav Joshi

UKPSC PCS topper Vaibhav Joshi Tops Uttarakhand Lower PCS 2021

In an inspiring achievement ukpsc pcs topper, Vaibhav Joshi, a dedicated student of Oracle IAS, has clinched Rank 1 in the highly competitive Uttarakhand Lower PCS 2021 examination. This remarkable accomplishment not only highlights Vaibhav’s hard work and determination but also underscores the quality of mentorship and preparation provided by Oracle IAS.

A Journey of Dedication and Hard Work

Vaibhav’s , ukpsc pcs topper, journey to the top of the Uttarakhand Lower PCS examination is a testament to his unwavering commitment and the strategic guidance he received from Oracle IAS. Under the mentorship of Mr. Pawan Pandey, a senior mentor at Oracle IAS, Vaibhav navigated through the challenges of the competitive examination with remarkable ease and confidence.

Insights from the Topper: An Exclusive Interview

In an exclusive interview conducted by Mr. Pawan Pandey, Vaibhav shared valuable insights into his preparation strategy, the challenges he faced, and the role of Oracle IAS in his success. He emphasized the importance of a disciplined study schedule, the right approach to understanding concepts, and regular practice.

Key Takeaways from Vaibhav’s Success Story

  • Strategic Preparation: Vaibhav’s approach to the examination was strategic and well-planned, focusing on understanding concepts rather than rote learning.
  • Mentorship: The guidance provided by experienced mentors like Mr. Pawan Pandey played a crucial role in Vaibhav’s success. It helped him navigate the vast syllabus effectively and stay motivated throughout his preparation.
  • Practice and Revision: Regular practice and revision were central to Vaibhav’s strategy, enabling him to fine-tune his knowledge and skills.

Oracle IAS: Shaping Future Leaders

Vaibhav Joshi’s success is a shining example of how the right guidance and preparation can help aspirants achieve their dreams. Oracle IAS, with its team of experienced mentors and comprehensive study materials, continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Inspiring Aspiring Candidates

For those aspiring to follow in Vaibhav’s footsteps, his journey offers valuable lessons in dedication, strategic preparation, and the importance of mentorship. Oracle IAS remains committed to supporting every student in their quest for success in competitive examinations.


Vaibhav Joshi’s achievement in the Uttarakhand Lower PCS examination is a beacon of inspiration for countless aspirants. It reaffirms the power of dedication, the right guidance, and the pursuit of excellence. Oracle IAS is proud to have been a part of Vaibhav’s journey and looks forward to inspiring and mentoring many more aspirants to achieve their dreams.


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