CONNECTING THE DOTS : Farmers’ Distress: Swaminathan Committee Report #11

TOPIC: Farmer’s Distress: Swaminathan Committee on Farmers (2006)

Starting SINCE 1990s, agriculture growth in India — particularly in rural India — has declined at a devastating rate. This has had a calamitous impact on the livelihoods associated with agriculture. High rate of farmer suicide is a symptom of this distress.
The year 2017 was marked by several farmers’ protests nationwide.(MP, TN, Maharastra, UP etc)
The agriculture growth rates have been unsteady in the recent past. 1.5% in 2012-13, 5.6% in 2013-14. (-.2%) in 2014-15, while in 2015-16 it was 0.7%.
The National Commission of Farmers (2006), chaired by M.S. Swaminathan, had pointed out that something “very serious and terribly wrong is happening in the countryside.”

Swaminathan committee farmer distress

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