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Till now we have analyzed the Science paper (paper 6), the Polity paper (paper 3) and ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT paper (paper 5) of UK Upper PCS. Today we will analyze the for Geography paper (paper 4) for 2012 and 2016. We would first discuss our methodology and basic assumptions. Thereafter, we would give our observation and recommendations.

  • Methodology and assumptions:
  1. We have divided the question paper under following heads:
  2. World Physical Geography
  3. World Human Geography
  4. Environment
  5. World Trade
  6. Indian Geography
  7. Uttarakhand (UK)
  8. Miscellaneous


  1. a, b ,c, d, e, f: Static portion can be covered from traditional books and notes.

g: Dynamic portion, regular reading of newspaper and critical analysis required.

  • Observations

Misc: 05 marks (2012), trade policy

  1. The 2016 paper was much more balanced than the 2012 paper in terms of distribution of marks.
  2. The weight-age of human geography has increased considerably.
  3. World trade and Environment not much important as they are also covered in other papers. (WT- Economics, Environment- Science)
  • Recommendations:
  1. Uttarakhand forms an important part (43 marks), but mandatory questions were only of 11 marks. This is very less weight-age so this paper felt easy from this angle unlike History paper. However, it stands to reason that students who have studied Uttarakhand are at an advantage here as they have wider choice to attempt from. Some questions related to Uttarakhand could be attempted using common knowledge e.g.
  • Tourism Industry (Q25, 2012, 5m)
  1. Physical geography had a big 69 marks weightage. Most questions from this section were particularly easy and most aspirants would have easily attempted.
  2. World physical geography at around 69 marks and not too difficult. Many questions were of general nature and with sound concepts could be easily attempted.
  3. Majority of the questions were straightforward in 2012 as well as 2016. Aspirants should follow standard sources like Mazid Hussein, Goh Cheng Leong and NCERTs.

In 2016 for essay type questions some dynamism is reflected. One could answer these questions with a mix of static traditional knowledge with current affairs for a good standard answer. Egs.

  • Pattern of Indian industries (Q39, 16m, 2016)
  • Urbanisation pattern (Q35, 16m, 2016)
  1. Answer writing practice is the key to complete the question paper.


  1. The overall difficulty level of this paper was lower to medium and there would be a good feeling most aspirants must have felt after the paper. But geography is precise subject and needs specifics for good marks.

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